Vote YES on Proposition E

Prop E: Arts for Everyone, Doesn’t Raise Taxes

While the City of San Francisco’s budget has increased by $937 million this year alone*, allocations to fund arts and culture in San Francisco have stayed relatively flat. This lack of investment in our arts infrastructure has endangered the unique and vibrant cultures that helps attract visitors to our City who annually contribute approximately $1.7 billion to San Francisco’s economy.

A group of arts organizations, artists and community activists have worked with the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor’s office and other City officials to create Prop E that will address this deficiency in funding for arts and culture organizations in a sustainable and fiscally responsible way.

Without raising taxes or taking existing funding away from municipal allocations, Prop E will reconnect our cultural landscape with the historic Hotel Tax Fund and provide funding for youth arts, individual artists and arts organizations. Prop E will:

  • Increase core operating grants through Grants for the Art

  • Increase cultural equity grants from the Cultural Equity Endowment at the San Francisco Arts Commission

  •  Invest deeper in our City-owned cultural centers

  • Provide first-time, dedicated funding for cultural districts, and

  • Create an Arts Impact Endowment to address unmet needs within our arts community.

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Download a PDF to share with your San Francisco constituents here.