Vote Yes on Proposition S

ArtCare urges you to vote Yes on Proposition S this November. Proposition S, also known as the San Francisco Arts and Families Funding Ordinance, uses existing revenue from the Hotel Tax to restore arts funding and improve access to arts experiences citywide. It also expands resources for homeless families.

Why do we support Proposition S?

Arts and culture are at the heart of what makes San Francisco unique.  With the skyrocketing costs of housing and doing business, artists and arts groups are being forced out of the City in growing numbers.  Homelessness is on the rise and thousands of children and their families are without a home. In the past, the Hotel Tax has given San Franciscans access to thriving arts and culture and provided low income families stable housing for decades, but this foundation has been slowly taken away. San Francisco’s arts and low income families have lost over $300 million in access to services and culture in the last decade. $200 million more for artists and arts organizations over the past 14 years and $90 million more for low-income housing has been lost since the allocations were repealed.

Where will the money come from?

Proposition S uses existing income generated from the Hotel Room Tax, which is a 14% tax levied on all hotels and Airbnb rentals. Hotel Tax revenues have grown over time, from $19 million in the 1978-1979 fiscal year to $273.9 million in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Rather than raising taxes, Proposition S restores badly-needed funding for arts organizations by re-allocating funds that are currently being allocated to the city’s General Fund. The Hotel Tax has historically dedicated a portion of its revenue to both arts and low-income housing, but City Hall repealed funding in 2013. This Proposition will allocate 20% of the tax revenues to specific arts and homelessness projects, leaving the rest to the general fund and the Moscone Center funding. It’s time to restore this important source of funding for arts, culture, and homeless families.

Join us and 60+ arts, culture, and homeless service organizations that have come together to build a better San Francisco by restoring this system that worked for decades. Vote Yes on Proposition S! Learn more on the BetterSF website.